Thursday, December 15, 2016

Black Lives Matter

It seems as though the whole Black Lives Matter thing toned down quite a bit in the media. Which is good. Maybe it's safe now to be on the opposite side of the whole thing! Now, I wholeheartedly believe that racism is alive and well in the world. There's no doubt about that. The people who disagree have probably never ever experienced it (I haven't myself in person, but I'm not an idiot, and people tend to be a lot more comfortable to express their true selves when behind a computer...ahem) or don't know anyone who has.

However, that does not mean that I think the Black Lives Matter campaign was/is necessary. The media truly played the people of America and I think that is what is the most sad. Black people are not the only ones being shot by white cops, yet that is all we see on TV. Now, do I think that some of the situations could have been handled differently by the police officers? Absolutely. Do I think some police officers are racist? Of course. Generally speaking though, killing people is not something that normal, sane people do happily. It messes you up. Even when you think, and/or know you had all right to do it. You still took a life. So what people are pretty much saying is that we have a ton of police officers, who all of a sudden in 2016 decided to take a stand, all across the country, and kill all the black people? Come on now. The They want you to be riled up. Why? Because they get more views. More people now then ever are watching to see if someone else has been carelessly shot to share it on social media. Then you are following them on Facebook, and your Facebook share just got someone else to tune into the news to see the development. Then you hold a rally, and who's there to watch it? The local news station watching you block streets and traffic for a cause.

I wish that, black people could come together the way they did for Black Lives Matter for more pertinent causes. Such as, not killing each other, hell how about not killing anyone at all? I've noticed that whenever I, or others, try to bring up this case it quickly gets shot down as: "It's not the same." or, "This is more important." or just any excuse to return to the cops. There has to be a time where you begin to heal. Where you begin to forgive. Where you begin to move forward. We need to make this country better for our children. No one is rallying for more black-owned businesses, or helping anyone to succeed in doing so. No one is rallying for the black person that graduated college. No one is helping those with the lesser opportunities to even go to college and better themselves, or to give them any kind of opportunity so they don't feel that a life of drugs and violence is the only way. We have to clean up our own backyard first.